#More Quality Timefor You

A shout for joy erupts
straight from the heart.
We believe that
if people had more quality time at work
and in their personal lives,
they’d be more joyful.
The world would be
more comfortable, more vibrant,
and more enjoyable.
That’s why we’ve created
Jooto, the smart and enjoyable way
to make your tasks and
projects more efficient.

We can have more quality time.
Ode to Joy
【More Quality Time with Jooto REMIX】
  • Information-sharing
    between members became smooth
  • There are fewer mistakes,
    like information leaks
  • Management became easier
  • Work efficiency improved
  • Can now perform work systematically
  • Each process became faster
  • Efficiency increased
  • Other

※From Jooto user surveys conducted between January 15-22, 2019.

The Six Advantages of Using Jooto
to Create More Good Times

  • The reassurance
    of never losing sight of goals
  • Smooth time management
  • Sparking member support
    of one another
  • Don't worry about losing
    track of the conversation
  • Visualized progress
  • Find the information
    you want fast
Spin The Task
【Work Flows with Jooto】
A Gantt Chart shows you
the big picture and progress
at a glance.
The Gantt Chart that shows you the project schedule at a glance comes free with Jooto. Get a feel for the entire project and move it forward with time to spare.
All you have to do is
drag and drop.
It's a simple, intuitive design.
Jooto is a task and project management tool that uses the kanban signboard system and feels like placing and removing sticky notes when you use it. The system does everything you need, but with a simple, user-friendly design requiring no expertise.
Centrally manage
multiple projects
with Jooto to boost efficiency.
Since Jooto lets you manage multiple projects with one dashboard, confirmations take little time and there are far fewer management processes. It's easy to view your tasks and those of your team members, which is incredibly useful for task management.
Behind-the-Scenes :
Good Times 〜How to use Jooto 〜
Music courtesy of Ryo Arimura
Artist Profile:
A solo project by Ryo Arimura, who was born in 1991 and lives in Osaka. Heavily influenced by the bedroom music of the chillwave, He began writing songs in 2012. His original melodic lines and pop sensations produced with vocal edits have won rave reviews. Releases on 7-inch vinyl include "in the blue shirt – Cyanotype" on Records, one of Japan's biggest online labels, and "in the blue shirt - toward morning" on Kyoto-based indie label Second Royal. Also released his first album, "Sensation Of Blueness," through dance music label Trekkie Trax in 2016. In addition to his own work, Arimura has worked on background music for TV shows, as well as music for commercials and online advertisements.
”Jooto" by "in the blue shirt" available for free download

Try it out with your team first.
Jooto is easy for anyone to use.

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  • If you're not used to IT tools,
    don't worry. It's easy to operate.


Ode to Joy【More Quality Time with Jooto REMIX】